Funeral Celebrant

Ian Low Toastmaster

Funeral Celebrant

A Bespoke, Dignified and Unique Tribute for YOU and YOUR Loved one.

People coping with bereavement are not always fully aware of many of the funeral choices available. Often they gratefully accept whatever suggestions are made and do not realise they could have “done it differently” until afterwards. Most people are only ever offered a funeral service for their loved one either conducted by a religious minister or the more atheistic outlook offered by a humanist officiant. However in today’s modern world, many people are developing their own ideas and philosophies on life, religion and death and therefore neither a religious nor atheist funeral particularly reflects their personal beliefs.

Civil funeral ceremonies
A civil funeral ceremony is a dignified and formal ceremony to commemorate a loved ones life and parting but, above all, it is a ceremony that reflects the wishes of the family and those of the deceased. It is a highly personal tribute created by the executor or family in consultation with a Professional Celebrant.

Celebrant Ian Low
Ian Low is a Graduate of the UK College of Celebrancy and a Member of the Association of Independent Celebrants. A family man, he realised that following the funeral of his mother, things were said and done at her funeral that she would not have wanted. However, choices were either not available or not offered and he had to “go with the flow” and have a funeral service, conducted by a minister with all the usual religious ceremonial.

Since then Ian has discovered that there is another choice, that of the Civil Celebrant. Following discussions with the UK College of Celebrancy, Ian was chosen to enrol on a course with them and is now a Certificated Celebrant who can offer a more personalised service that will reflect the true requirements of the deceased and those that are left behind.

Consultation with the Celebrant
As your funeral celebrant and following instructions from your funeral director, Ian will arrange to meet with the next of kin or executor either at their home or at the funeral director’s office to discuss and arrange the tribute to the deceased. This meeting generally takes one to two hours. During this time, Ian will explore ways of making the service as meaningful and as personalised as possible. Participation by family and community is always encouraged.

Once all of the elements of the service are discussed and decided upon, Ian will write an appropriate and customized service, including all of the various ‘parts’. In this way, he can create a smooth-flowing, beautifully crafted tribute, which will include any readings, poems, prayers and hymns if required, favourite songs and music and anything else that will personalise the final farewell of your loved one.

As necessary, Ian will assist the various speakers before the event and oversee the ceremony’s design and facilitation.
During the event he will facilitate and guide the proceedings, make any necessary announcements, as well as leading individuals through any rituals within the ceremony

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