What is a Toastmaster?

Ian Low Toastmaster

What is a toastmaster?

Many people will use the services of a Toastmaster but the majority are not aware how the Toastmaster came about. The first Toastmaster was a man by the name of William Knight Smith in 1898.

For many centuries there has been an organiser at banquets and balls whose job it is to lead the guests in toasts and to ensure the smooth-running of the evening. In the 18th century there could be so many toasts – and every toast involved draining the glass – that it was only the professional toastmaster (drinking from a glass that contained much less liquor than it appeared to) who could be relied upon to be upright at the end of the evening.

While toastmasters have been around for many centuries, the “traditional” red tailcoat is only just over 100 years old. At the end of the 19th century William Knight Smith was getting increasingly annoyed at being mistaken for a waiter. His wife suggested that he wear something distinctive and unique. A tradition was born.

When considering booking a Toastmaster for your function you are making a wise decision if you are looking to ensure that your event runs smoothly on the day. With a Toastmaster present this will also add a touch of class, pomp and ceremony to your very special event.

Toastmasters provide an age old tradition of ‘Master of the Ceremony’ and provide the backbone of an event to whom all the event staff turn to as the official organiser and timekeeper. Many different types of events require the professional services of a Toastmaster and not just weddings. Various faiths require different ways of officiating at a wedding and Ian Low will tailor his skills and experience to all types of faith weddings. If you are interested in booking a Toastmaster or wish to enquire about any special requirements just contact Ian Low today.